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Ramp PictureFrom fuel and ramp services to hangars, weather terminals, route planning, maintenance and more, pilots will find all of the services they need at KLCI.

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Flying Clubs
Lakes Region Flying Club
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Noise Reduction Policy
The following are guidelines to minimize the noise impact produced by aircraft operating on the ground. These are Noise Reductiongeneral in nature and some may not be advisable for every aircraft in every situation. No noise reduction procedure should be done that would compromise flight safety.

Your cooperation with these efforts is appreciated.

Be aware that Runway 26 is the most noise sensitive for aircraft departures. When possible and practical, please observe the following to minimize the time at the eastern end of the airfield:
  • Receive all clearances prior to taxiing to Runway 26
  • Avoid engine run-ups on Taxiway B
  • Avoid engine run-ups at the eastern end of Taxiway A
  • Designated Run-Up Areas are located at the North Parking Ramp and at the western end of Taxiway A

Hawk/Lakes Region Civil Air Patrol

Bill Moran
Civil Air Patrol Instructor Pilot
(603) 520-7494
SAR Aircraft C-182T NAV III G-1000 with Becker Digital Directional Finder